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We are an exciting new designer handbag brand for the modern fashionista who wants the luxury and quality of high end brands but for an affordable price (lets face it paying thousands of pounds for one bag is not really possible for us all, but we still want to look like we spent that much).

ELEARIA bags are all made in Italy from high quality Italian Leather which is renowned by the fashion industry for being ‘the best’. Its quality is like no other, durable and beautiful. The very best craftsmanship, care and detail is present in every bag. These days even the most expensive bags can lack the quality that you think you are paying the extra thousands for.
ELEARIA Italian leather bags - blog
ELEARIA bags are made with the latest fashion styles in mind, yet we have ensured they still retain a classic look so you can wear them for years to come, making sure your money is well spent. Our chic investment pieces are versatile taking you from work to evening to the weekend without having to worry about which bag to take.
ELEARIA Italian leather bags - Blog
Function doesn’t have to be boring. From Tote bags, Crossbody bags, to Mini bags and Backpacks our bags fit into the celebrity fashion culture we live in today whilst being functional for everyday life.
We carry our bags every day; they are a way to express our style, so choose the piece that showcases your personality.

“People will stare, make it worth their while”.

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  • Sarah: November 21, 2017

    So true, the perfect bag will last years. Most of the time I don’t change my bag whether I’m going to work or for drinks so I need a bag that will work with every occasion and fit everything I need.

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